Do work better.


Your time is your life. And life’s too short to be wasted slugging through crappy meetings. 

We Do the Pre- and Post-Meeting Work

Each meeting comes with an agenda, pre-prepared handouts, and a good attitude. 

Your time is too valuable to be spent chasing colleagues around to nail down a meeting time, writing agendas, taking notes during a meeting, and following-up with team members to make sure they’re getting their assignments done on time. We do all of these things for you so you can save that time and energy for tasks that actually require your expertise.

We Schedule the Calls

Enjoy participating while we take notes.

Finally, headache and email-chain free calendar coordination. 

We the Take Notes

Because wasted time bothers us, our Project Specialists help you make the most of your calls and conferences, and take the more tedious points of project management off your plate.

By driving increased rigor and greater efficiency into our daily project discussions, key ideas and commitments are no longer lost, expert resources are freed to engage in more strategic discussions, rendering our meetings more profitable and less costly. Leverage is a service that helped us realize real return from meetings. 

Meetings … the basic blocking and tackling began to provide the expected value driving actual value.  Hard to imagine… but true.

-Blake Barthelmess, VP of Enterprise Applications


Leverage Project Specialists are business-savvy meeting masters. 

Local, hand-crafted, artisanal meetings, just for you.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel; we’re just here to help make the existing wheel turn more smoothly. Our real-life, remote people use tools that you and your team are familiar with to track assignments, follow along with progress, and ensure that timelines are met.  

We’re sticklers for precision and take real pride in our ability to follow agendas, even if that means that we step into conversations to keep a meeting running on time or check in with Dick or Jane to find out the status on individual assignments.

We think this eliminates headache and confusion for you, and frees up your valuable time to be spent enjoying life.

It’s about time we’ve come along, am I right?

Our expert Leverage Specialist works to ensure upfront that our meeting time will be productive and exceptional with notes, action items and follow-up context provided so that everyone is kept aware of challenges, expectations and progress.

As a busy technology professional, I’m happy to work with this wonderful team of Leverage experts who help me bring my ‘A-game’ to work every day.

- Christian Brennan, Director of Innovation

Hall's Corp

Say farewell to 'I still have to type-up and distribute my notes from yesterday’s meetings' anxiety. We cover that, too.

Know Who’s Doing What, When

We act as your second pair of hands, handling the tedious tasks that usually tear your attention away from more expert matters.

Every Task Needs Attention, Maybe Not Yours

We’ve Done This Before

No finger pointing, no dropped balls, no looming deadlines–––––just you and your team, getting stuff done.

Every Return Leverage Specialist is PRAXIS Project Foundations (PPF) certified, AKA we have pieces of paper that say we know what we’re doing.  

Goodbye, Incomplete-Task Anxiety

Save your time and energy for tasks that actually require your expertise.

No more shuffling calendars

No more writing agendas and taking notes

No more helicopter parenting