building careers, not just capacity

GOOD WORK DONE WELL means creating lasting impact through our work. We recognize that the work isn’t done until we’ve helped a client transition new capabilities into a sustainable process.

Like our “outcomes first” approach to project delivery, we also see talent recruitment a bit differently.


Prospective talent looks to be part of a powerful and important career story. The most emotionally-engaging strategy to recruit talent that fits is to develop a compelling story of the organizational mission and culture. Great talent looks for opportunities to make an impact, not just earn a paycheck. 

Clients turn to Return Leverage to design campaigns that resonate. We build and manage talent pools of appropriate candidates, and can screen for fit to avoid wasted client-time. You don’t want just qualified candidates: you want talent right for your organization.

We think of recruitment as a first step to future engaged employment.

Leverage comes to this work from a brand-awareness and messaging strategy that attracts the talent that will excel in your environment. For many organizations, this is a rare first collaboration between Human Resources and Marketing, and takes an intentional and targeted approach to discover professionals, rather than hope that the right talent discovers you.

Our goal is to help clients find new employees that are passionate about the organization’s mission, understand the culture that makes the organization unique, and see the opportunities for professional growth and meaningful contributions.

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