Our Services

Return Leverage helps clients get work done, freeing you up for more important things. Whether it's scoping and managing an organizational change or technology project, delivering against a communications strategy, or assisting with soup-to-nuts initiative management, we've been there. And now we're here for you.

We love to operate as an integrated part of your team.  Our seasoned talent excels at executing daily, tactical tasks, keeping you informed along the way so you can stay in the driver’s seat, but do more of the strategic work that excites you.  Let us handle the blocking and tackling you can delegate, and help you focus your energies and expertise where it’s most effective. 

We take pride in knowing that we know many things, and are nimble enough to adapt to our client’s unique landscape. But, we equip and support each member of our team with expertise in tools and fundamental business practices so they can start quickly and deliver successfully. 

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Content Development

From the brainstorming session and editorial calendar production to the development and execution of a content strategy, we have the experience and resources to create compelling content that converts.



Whether you need a seasoned professional to research and write content for your newsletter, press release, blog or social media platforms, or you'd like a second set of eyes on that annual report or community magazine you distribute monthly, we have the experience and the staff to deliver your message to your audience. Persuasively. Professionally. And punctually. 


Communication Strategies

With resources being spread more thinly, every business hopes to get the most bang for their communications buck. Communications strategy matters. At Return Leverage, we specialize in creating compelling communications, whether they're delivered digitally or traditionally. And we can talk about the how of it all for days. It's kind of our thing.


Stakeholder Engagement

Not understanding how to engage with your employees and stakeholders prior to launching a campaign can be detrimental. Let us ensure all your employees and stakeholders are onboard prior to your campaign launch for the best possible ROI.

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Social Media Marketing

It’s highly likely you’re already on social media, but chances are you could be doing better and we’re here to help. Let us strategize and implement social media strategies that are infused with best practices, efficient, cost effective and most importantly yield results to ensure you’re outperforming your competitors on every social platform.


Campaign Design

Plan your plan and work your plan is our motto. Leave it to us to design your next campaign and ensure you’re achieving desired results. Without a proper plan in place, it’s hard to measure success, understand deliverables, and ensure you’re engaging with your customers.

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Marketing Research

The first step to a successful marketing or communications campaign is knowing your audience. Through market research, persona creation, and strategy development based on these findings, we work with you to define your audience so you can better define your message. 

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Your brand design and copy are your success in reaching your potential clients and we understand how to turn your ideas into your ideal marketing message. Let us help you break your limitation and create your brand with website design, flyers, templates, color palette, typography, and more.

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Digital Reputation Monitoring

Everyone’s reputation is on the line, but when you’re dealing with the world wide web it’s even more daunting. It doesn’t have to be! Let us guide you through your campaigns performance while proactively managing and monitoring your reputation online. Our data will show you what you’re doing right and how we can have you do even better. 

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Search Engine Optimization

Not getting enough online traffic to your website? Let us take a look! We'll search through your SEO and help you set up your website so that your business will appear in user's SERPS every time. 

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From business case design and analysis through project close-out, we've helped clients across a breadth of project types and in a variety of industries. We have a proprietary project management process, but also adapt to client processes where formal structures exist. We're fluent in a wide variety of projects, including strategy design and execution, system selection/ development lifecycle management, process optimization, and organizational redesign coordination.

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Communication and Training

Great ideas only take flight when they are well understood and ideas are made actionable. Return Leverage staff and collaborators draw on a wealth of internal and external-facing communication and training tools and strategies to help you connect your stakeholders to new ideas and concepts. Beyond 'stakeholder engagement', we help clients enroll employees and key constituents in a variety of ideas in pursuit of organizational objectives and realization of their mission.

Organizational Change Management

Change is never easy, but expert assistance helps to manage competing (and conflicting) organizational changes in a fast paced environment. From portfolio change capacity, to stakeholder assessments and enrollment, to training and communication delivery, we're with you every step of the way. Return Leverage resources have hands-on experience in some of today's most valued brands, helping to discern and manage complex change demands.

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Meeting Design & Facilitation

Business leaders need to be in critical offsite conversations, not trying to wrangle or facilitate them. Our network of expert facilitators can help you realize the critical conversations and outcomes you've been seeking. From experience design, to pre-work and attendee engagement, through day-of facilitation and follow-up, we've got a strategy to get you the experience and outcomes you need to move your team forward.