Our Services

Return Leverage helps clients get work done, freeing you up for more important things. Whether it's scoping and managing an organizational change or technology project, delivering against a communications strategy, or assisting with soup-to-nuts initiative management, we've been there. And now we're here for you.

We love to operate as an integrated part of your team.  Our seasoned talent excels at executing daily, tactical tasks, keeping you informed along the way so you can stay in the driver’s seat, but do more of the strategic work that excites you.  Let us handle the blocking and tackling you can delegate, and help you focus your energies and expertise where it’s most effective. 

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Communications & Training
  • Meeting Design & Facilitation
  • Messaging Logistics & Execution
  • Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement
  • Process Analysis & Design


We take pride in knowing that we know many things, and are nimble enough to adapt to our client’s unique landscape. But, we equip and support each member of our team with expertise in tools and fundamental business practices so they can start quickly and deliver successfully.