PM Foundations: Scope & Schedule


So much of our work comes to us is a casual request, and initially it seems like a piece of work that we can do ourselves. As we jump into it, what we come to realize is that we need to be involving other people. Whether it's getting their help based on your skill set or getting their input because ultimately, they have to live with the work we’re creating.  

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 2.39.19 PM.png

As soon as it leaves our desk and we involve others, we’re talking about the fundamentals of project management.

There's a fundamental piece around scope which focuses on how deep and wide we're going to go and what specifically is going to be tackled in this body of work and what's going to be set aside

There's also the idea of scheduling and how we manage our time, but also think about deliverables that we have to work backwards from.

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