Accidental Project Manager Workshop


Hi, I'm Toby Lucich. I'm excited to be talking with you about the Accidental Project Manager Workshop. This one day workshop brings you and peers together to talk about how you manage the work that requires a lot of stakeholders to be engaged and for folks to effectively take your investment and incorporate it into their day-to-day lives. This is not intended for professional project managers; this is a foundational course that gives you hands-on tools that you can take back at the end of the day to help you be more successful.


We'll introduce you to the Return Leverage Project Lifecycle -- A five-phase fundamental map that lets you go from good planning with authorization to successful delivery with results that folks can use.

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We'll share with you a charter to be successful in defining and shaping the agreement you need at the outset.


We'll also talk about the associated scope, schedule, and budget -- those triple constraints the put pressure on every project, and we'll teach you how to use those constraints to be more effective.


Now, stakeholder expectations always vary and changes are inevitable, but we'll help you understand how to use both constraints and change management to better control and set expectations for your various stakeholders so that when you deliver, everyone gets exactly what they expected.